Cable Management: It’s a Necessity, Not an Option

Let’s face it, nobody likes to take the trouble to organize all the cables that run between their computer peripherals. But failure to do so can make it difficult to troubleshoot or replace equipment that fails, and also lead to a nest of cables that you can hook with your shoe all to easily, which can result in unplugged devices and even damaged cables. Then there are the extreme cases, like the time I was called in to unscramble a mass of cables running over and under a tabletop. That mess, which had been growing for years, was hiding cables that went nowhere, obsolete equipment and even old network hubs that should have been replaced with switches over a decade earlier. The result not only looked neater and made for easier service, but also improved network speed and reliability considerably.

Fortunately, organizing your cables doesn’t have to require anything fancy. Here is an article from that shows how to do it with inexpensive hardware items and even things you might have lying around the house.

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